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Bespoke Quartz Worktops

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Bespoke Quartz Worktops

Many people who are looking to remodel their kitchen or bathroom are going in for materials such as quartz or granite that have become very popular for countertops and worktops mainly because of their durable or hard wearing nature. When it comes to bespoke quartz worktops, you must know what constitutes quartz worktops and why it is the best material for worktops! Quartz worktops instantly bring an element of elegance to the space in which they are used.

Quartz has a hard constituency and is most commonly found on the earth’s surface. This material is very similar to granite in that it is strong, durable, easy to maintain and heat resistant. Bespoke quartz worktops suit the kitchen environment especially because of their high resistance to substances such as oils, acids and abrasions. You can also select quartz slabs in a range of colors and patterns that can blend with the overall design scheme of your kitchen.

Quartz is mainly used in the form of manufactured or engineered quartz worktops. These resemble the natural stone material and hence can be used as worktops with the same results. Color pigments and binding polymers may be included during the manufacturing process of quartz slabs. This renders a smooth and uniform finish to your quartz countertop. A softer feel can be brought to your kitchen décor by shaping the quartz in unique styles with contours or curves. A Bespoke quartz worktop can work well if you wish to impart a contemporary interior design. This material can be used effectively not only in the kitchen but also in other areas such as the study, office, home and other areas for maximum benefit. Since it is efficient in terms of maintenance and durable too, you can reap the benefits from a quartz countertop for life. Another added benefit provided by quartz suppliers to customers is the long-term guarantee against the wear and tear of this material.

Nowadays, commercial establishments such as hospitals, bars, hotels and offices increasingly demand quartz worktops. You can choose a darker shade countertop for the kitchen as there are increased chances of wear and tear and spillage. It is better not to take chances even though such worktops are non-porous in nature.

Depending on the final specifications given to the quartz worktop provider, it’s best to get the cutting and polishing done at the shop and get the final delivery as well as the fitting done after everything is completed. This is because the procedure can get very messy and noisy and inconvenience you greatly. Therefore, after finalizing on the quartz worktop required, the final product can be fitted on site!
When compared to solid surfaces, bespoke quartz worktops offer better heat resistance but you should take care not to place hot items directly on this surface. While quartz joints are visible, solid surfaces offer seamless joints. Both quartz and solid surfaces are non-porous, but quartz worktops are less likely to get scratches. Examples of quartz surfaces are silestone, luxore, Compaq and climstone. Thinner quartz surfaces are available to customers these days. You can select surfaces that are suitable to your existing theme.

Based on the final specifications given to the quartz supplier, you can get the cutting and polishing completed at the shop itself before final delivery. You can get the fitting done after the other procedures are completed. In this way, you will avoid all the mess and noise that can be of great inconvenience to you and your family members. So all you have to do is bring your bespoke quartz worktop home and install it wherever you desire in your home!

Low cost quartz worktops

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Low Cost Quartz Worktops
The Kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any house. It is the place where just about any guest or friend who comes for a visit will see. Therefore it goes without saying that it is important to make this area look as nice as possible. The unfortunate thing is that many of the very nice options a person has, comes with a high price tag. So the next logical question would be is, how to make your kitchen look like a million dollars with very little money. The answer to that would be low cost quartz worktops. Remember it is not only about making it looking good, the kitchen is a high activity area which means it will have to functional, durable and efficient.

As mentioned before there are many choices available today. Going through every choice will be a little daunting for anybody. This is one of the many reasons why low cost quartz worktops are gaining popularity with each passing day. There are many advantages to choosing a quartz work top, which will be discussed here. The following are some tips to make the job of choosing a little easier. Most people are surprised to find out that quartz is a very hard material. In fact it is one of the hardest substances used in house work today. Quartz in its natural state is made up of nearly 96 percent quartz and the rest is a natural resin bond. These qualities make it one of the most durable counter tops in the market today.

Because of its eternal toughness, it is virtually impossible to scratch or stain it. Over time it will not show any real signs of wear and tear. Sure, there maybe other types of material you can use, but after a few years the alternatives to quartz will start to show its age. This quality of quartz means that it will face up to abuse that worktops will inevitably face. In an area like a kitchen, there may be many people moving about and doing work. As we know some people are not as careful as others. Another advantage of quartz is that it is very easy to clean afterwards. It is basically a low maintenance material. Even if you are in a hurry, no problem, just wipe it and you are good to go.

So far we have been talking about the structural qualities of quartz material. The next thing to keep in mind is the various different types of styles and colors available with low cost quartz worktops. No other naturally occurring counter top material gives such a wide choice of colors such as quartz. Many of the colors available with quartz are not available with, say, granite stone. Some of the choices as far as colors go are beige, sand, cream and white. If you are into more bold colors then it is available in red, yellow and orange. Out of all the colors available perhaps black is the most popular. For some people a color that matches the interior decoration of the house is important. With low cost quartz, this task will be much easier.

As far as styling of quartz goes, there are several different choices. Some of the styles include mirror or reflective flecks and metal quartz design. These types of styles are very popular with modern or contemporary style houses. In this day and age finding low cost quartz worktops is easy. The internet is filled with sites that offer great quotes. If possible, try and find a company that offers price match guarantee with their free quotes.

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Caesarstone worktops

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Ceasarstone Worktops
There are many people who are looking for the best kind of materials for their worktops and with all the leading brands in the market today, it is hard to decide of what to get specially when the budget is limited due to this bad economy. Looking for ideal material for counter tops and worktops? try Ceasarstone. This product is made from quartz. There are lots of gorgeous stones which come from quartz and each of them has its own unique characteristic and value. One of them is the ceasarstone. This original quartz-based engineered stone is primarily used by homeowners and contractors for kitchen counter tops, work tops and vanities. Same to other quartz products, it is resistant to stain, heat and scratch.

Why ceasarstone is different from other stone products? it’s because it is man made and can be designed according to the current trends and unique styles of any decorators and homeowners. Using technology and art, and with expert hands, the manufacturers had found lots of ways to create innovative designs with ceasarstone. And this is what makes ceasarstone popular in the market today. As they continue to create a brand new surfacing product, they became internationally recognized. And now, ceasarstone is not only suited for bathroom and kitchen worktops and counter tops but also used for tables, baths, sinks, walls, steps, floor, in restaurants, bars and hospitals. Ideal choice for people who are looking for a good buy with full satisfaction.

You can find them in over 70 different colors. Light, brights etc. On top of that, they offered to global customers a wide range of designs with the finest texture options available. They introduced a newest ceasarstone product with embossed effect and with pattern-designed that looks like crocodile skin. Can you imagine that? They also offered three distinctly different furnishes namely; polished, honed (matte) and viento (textured). These could be an interesting thing to home designers who want a unique way of expression in their field of artistic ability.

They also have a recycled collection in different designs, colors and textures. Since quartz are non porous, this one is easy to care and very appropriate for numerous used and applications. It is tough enough for wear and tear like any other quartz product. You will never be sorry with your money because it is beautiful and attractive. It is versatile enough to use for every architectural decorating scheme, superior to other manufactured stone products.

Granite worktops – supplier UK

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Choosing a Granite Supplier in the UK

If you are thinking of adding marble features to your home or business, take the time to find a good supplier. After all, if you are going to make the monetary investment, then you also need to invest a little of your time to make sure everything goes according to your dream.

Many suppliers are artisans who offer a large variety of beautiful products from counter tops to staircases, to benches to entire walls and floors. These can be handcrafted to your specifications. Larger dealers can cut marble according to individual templates and install the product for you.

Other suppliers specialize in restoration work. They can fix or replace anything from fireplace tiles to entire building facings. Still others are wholesalers who deal only with professional installers.

When you have found a few suppliers on the internet that you like, contact them and ask questions – lots of them.

• Do you install in my area?
• How long have you been in business?
• Do you do custom work?
• Do you cut the stone here?
• What size of stone do you cut?
• Do you use sub contractors?

And most importantly

Do you have references I can speak to?

Take a look at their showroom. Go to several either in person or on-line. You might find a color or pattern that you like that is available at only one store. Alternatively, you might find similar stones that are offered at a lower price at one of the stores.

Online shopping has some advantages. It is certainly faster and less wearing. By actually visiting the stores, you can see the details of their workmanship, but be aware that a worker who left them long ago might have installed a particular top you admire. In addition, a personal visit might put you under the sway of a sales clerk whose pride in the company is not reflected by the workers who arrive at your house.

If you are planning a do-it-yourself project, your selection of granite supplier should be at least partially based on their willingness to provide a trained consultant. Many merchants offer this service free. Your consultant should take the time to ask questions of you to get an idea of what you want to do and what your needs are.

He will be able then to suggest the accessories and tools you need for the project. He can also give you tips on maintaining your worktop after it is installed and suggest products required for cleaning it. A good consultant is a good salesman but more than that, he should know his materials and your specifications.

Bear in mind that no merchant deals in marble alone. They are sellers and workers of stone and marble is but one of the products they offer. A good seller will also listen to your dreams for a beautiful project and your requirements. For example, he might offer a less expensive but equally beautiful worktop in a different material. On the other hand, he might, after hearing your requirement suggest that you try a more durable but more expensive stone.

Listen to his reasons and keep an open mind but in the end, especially if your heart is set on the soft neutrality of marble, he should cede to your wishes and offer the type that most closely conforms to what you want.

There are only eighty-nine marble granite worktop suppliers in the whole United Kingdom. Several are wholesalers and many of the others are out of your area. See your choices are getting simpler all the time. Armed with knowledge of what to look for in a supplier you should be able to make the decision that is right for you.

Happy hunting!

Black Granite Kitchen Worktops

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Black Granite Kitchen Worktops
Are you faced with the momentous decision of what kind of kitchen worktop to put into your new home? Perhaps you are remodeling your kitchen and trying to select the best counter top as a replacement. Kitchen worktops are one of the most used counter top surfaces in the home and one of the most noticeable features of any kitchen. If you want a kitchen worktop with the most advantages, then choose black granite. Black granite worktops are the ideal choice, because they possess several characteristics that are essential for building or remodeling the perfect kitchen.

Granite is composed of feldspar, mica, and more than twenty percent quartz. These minerals combine to form a coarse-grained rock. Granite is undeniably one of the most durable substances on the earth today. It is second to diamonds in hardness. Granite can endure extremes of temperature very well, due to its mica composition.

Black granite worktops are an exceptional choice in new or remodeled kitchens. Its appearance is elegant and discriminating, while exuding warmth and comfort. The black coloring in a black granite worktop is throughout, making it a truer, richer color that lasts for fifty, sixty, or more years. This inherent or natural beauty will compliment any decor. Every slab of granite is unique. The colors, textures and the intensity of color will be quite varied. Black granite will dignify any kitchen while enhancing a person’s individual style.

Black granite worktops are highly resistant to staining or discoloring, such as, when an extremely hot pot is placed upon its surface. This durable counter top does not need to be pampered. It can withstand the most rigorous hazards associated with cooking and baking. Its radiance and beauty will last year after year, as long as it is sealed during the installation process and every year thereafter.

This is vital, because granite is a natural stone with pores and spaces between the crystals. These pores and spaces must be filled with sealant all the way to the surface. When the job is done properly, no sealant will be detected on the surface. This sealing process protects the beautiful, black granite worktop from any liquids that might soak in and ruin it. Experts highly recommend not using acrylic sealants, because they will not permit the granite “to breath.”

The most popular choice of kitchen worktops is black granite. Black granite has become the most widely used material in residential kitchens, but also in commercial buildings. It is regarded by the top interior designers, as the most elegant and most functional worktop available today. It is remarkably versatile, because it can be so easily used in residential bathrooms and kitchens, along with luxurious bathrooms and kitchens in hotels and condominiums. At one time, black granite was only used by the very wealthy. In recent years, the cost of this incredible kitchen worktop material has come down in price. Many more home buyers and home remodelers are choosing black granite worktops for their kitchens. They have long since realized its great value in building home equity or resale value. Black granite kitchen counter tops can coordinate with any kitchen style and color. It surpasses the highest expectations of individual or family homeowners, who want to interject their personal style throughout the home. It harmonizes with the activities of busy families or entertainers. Black granite kitchen worktops provide years of enjoyment and pleasure.

It is true, the purchase price of black granite worktops is more than any other counter top material, but it will outlast and out perform all the other worktop materials, at least 6 or 7 times.

Black Quartz Kitchen Worktops

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Black Quartz Kitchen Worktops
You will surely fall in love with a Black Quartz worktop as it adds elegance and style to our homes.
You will have heat and scratch resistant worktops not just for a couple of months but during their entire life. Further, they have a high rating of 7 on the ‘Moh’s Hardness Scale.’They can also be made to suit your design desires in the same way as natural stone. It is the quality in the process of manufacturers that ensure quartz kitchen worktops are strong, and fit for use. Quartz worktops with mirror pieces are a spectacular asset to any home. When the lights hit the mirror pieces it all sparkles and glitters like a twinkle effect. The Black quartz profile maintains the simplicity and enhances the contemporary look. Since the beginning of time quartz has been used in making jewelry for our precious gemstones. Now it is one of the most popular by home and business owners and designers as well. There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into your kitchen and feeling like a prince or princess because you are surrounded by the luxurious and style of flashy Black Quartz. It’s truly amazing when a room in your home has been decorated to match your Black Quatrtz worktop. You can order tiles and marble to top off and add to the beautiful mirrored image effects. Also it’s nice to know that quartz is low maitenance and in high traffic areas like your kitchen that’s an outstanding feature. Your Black Quartz worktop will only need to be cleaned with a simple cloth and mild soap. Women and men love this fact as well. Quartz is one of the hardest substances on the planet yet it’s very precious and made to last. No wonder quartz is so popular!

High Demand”
Why are Black Quartz worktops in such high demand? When people see the magical dazzle and shine that quartz adds to a room, they just have to have it! Once they understand all of Quartz’s features they are set on having it for themselves. Just imagine the head turning that will take place when your home has that shimmering affect about it. Black quartz worktops may be expensive but there are several places who offer great values on your quartz worktops and once you have it installed you will realize that the benefits were worht every penny you put into it. Black Quartz Worktops consist of approx 90% pure quartz and 10% high quality polymers. This means quartz worktops are extremely durable, long lasting and scratch resistant like granite. Furthermore the presence of the polymers in the quartz makes it a non porous surface unlike granite which is a porous natural stone. Decorators and designers choose quartzs for many clients based on popularity and their clients request for a luxurious approach. Quartz has become a favorite in many business offices and buildings as well. There are just no quartz features that are anything less than ‘fantastic!’ Black Quartz worktops are designed to make you feel like a King or Queen and once you see it in your home, you will certainly feel honorable. You will also cherish your worktop like no other. It realy doesn’t matter how you look at it. The Black Quartz worktop will never loose the shine but it will always make you smile!

How to buy cheap granite worktops

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How to Purchase Cheap Granite Worktops and Affordable Kitchen Worktops ?

Giving most consumers a choice of worktops, they would choose granite worktops for their home. Granite provides a beautiful shine that is natural and timeless. However, most consumers do not choose granite because it is regarded as an expensive stone and most people are under the impression that it is too expensive. Even though granite is a luxury item, today it is more affordable than it was in the past. In comparison to stainless steel and other worktop surfaces, granite is a bargain because steel can cost double the price of granite. It might take sometime and effort to find low cost granite worktops. However, taking the time to shop around will increase the chances that you will obtain affordable granite.

To find low cost granite worktops, first do an online search for cheap granite worktops. Most granite companies have a website that you can review their selection prior to purchasing. They will also list the price of slab. This makes it easier for you to compare from one company to the next. There are even some companies that will provide samples if you are interested in obtaining a few sent to your home.

Look for wholesalers using your local telephone directory. In some cases, consumers are saving over 50% by using a wholesaler versus a retailer. It is important to compare at least four or five wholesale companies to see which one will provide the best pricing. After you have compared the prices, do not be afraid to request a price match. Send a copy of your granite quotes to the wholesalers you are interested in using and see if they will match their competitor pricing. You will be surprised to find that some wholesalers would be happy to match their competitors pricing.

Consider having granite installed in multiple areas in the home; there are companies that will gladly give you a multi level discount rate, if you are buying granite for more than one location.

Profit from the downturn in the economy, there are many companies who because of the economy are not as financially stable like they were five years ago, and they have reduced their prices drastically to stay a float. Ask about a granite discount, there are companies that will grant a discount if you ask for one. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask if they have any type of discount program in place.

Traditionally granite companies had numerous layers before they could complete the processing of granite. The granite company would buy the granite from a stonemason, which the stonemason acquired from a wholesale, who purchased it from a factory processor, who imported the granite. With so many layers, the price of granite was astronomical. Since today, these intermediary roles are reduce or in some cases not used consumers are finding granite worktops are cheaper. These types of companies tend to offer more affordable granite because they cut out the intermediaries and suppliers and pass the savings unto their customers. Consider also companies who have their own overseas quarries and who cut and polish their granite in their factories.

Technology has also had an impact on the price of granite. Granite excavation no longer needs drilling, pounding, sawing and blasting. Today diamond wire saws are used to aid quarry workers in creating granite blocks at a faster rate. As a result, the increase in productivity reduces the labor cost and leads to lower prices.

Since, the market offers lower prices on granite today, why settle for the ordinary worktop. When you can have the timeless beauty of granite, do your shopping and choose affordable granite for your home.