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Bespoke Quartz Worktops

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Bespoke Quartz Worktops

Many people who are looking to remodel their kitchen or bathroom are going in for materials such as quartz or granite that have become very popular for countertops and worktops mainly because of their durable or hard wearing nature. When it comes to bespoke quartz worktops, you must know what constitutes quartz worktops and why it is the best material for worktops! Quartz worktops instantly bring an element of elegance to the space in which they are used.

Quartz has a hard constituency and is most commonly found on the earth’s surface. This material is very similar to granite in that it is strong, durable, easy to maintain and heat resistant. Bespoke quartz worktops suit the kitchen environment especially because of their high resistance to substances such as oils, acids and abrasions. You can also select quartz slabs in a range of colors and patterns that can blend with the overall design scheme of your kitchen.

Quartz is mainly used in the form of manufactured or engineered quartz worktops. These resemble the natural stone material and hence can be used as worktops with the same results. Color pigments and binding polymers may be included during the manufacturing process of quartz slabs. This renders a smooth and uniform finish to your quartz countertop. A softer feel can be brought to your kitchen décor by shaping the quartz in unique styles with contours or curves. A Bespoke quartz worktop can work well if you wish to impart a contemporary interior design. This material can be used effectively not only in the kitchen but also in other areas such as the study, office, home and other areas for maximum benefit. Since it is efficient in terms of maintenance and durable too, you can reap the benefits from a quartz countertop for life. Another added benefit provided by quartz suppliers to customers is the long-term guarantee against the wear and tear of this material.

Nowadays, commercial establishments such as hospitals, bars, hotels and offices increasingly demand quartz worktops. You can choose a darker shade countertop for the kitchen as there are increased chances of wear and tear and spillage. It is better not to take chances even though such worktops are non-porous in nature.

Depending on the final specifications given to the quartz worktop provider, it’s best to get the cutting and polishing done at the shop and get the final delivery as well as the fitting done after everything is completed. This is because the procedure can get very messy and noisy and inconvenience you greatly. Therefore, after finalizing on the quartz worktop required, the final product can be fitted on site!
When compared to solid surfaces, bespoke quartz worktops offer better heat resistance but you should take care not to place hot items directly on this surface. While quartz joints are visible, solid surfaces offer seamless joints. Both quartz and solid surfaces are non-porous, but quartz worktops are less likely to get scratches. Examples of quartz surfaces are silestone, luxore, Compaq and climstone. Thinner quartz surfaces are available to customers these days. You can select surfaces that are suitable to your existing theme.

Based on the final specifications given to the quartz supplier, you can get the cutting and polishing completed at the shop itself before final delivery. You can get the fitting done after the other procedures are completed. In this way, you will avoid all the mess and noise that can be of great inconvenience to you and your family members. So all you have to do is bring your bespoke quartz worktop home and install it wherever you desire in your home!

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