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Cheap granite worktops

Finding the Cheapest Granite Worktops

If you really do your homework, the cheapest granite worktops might, in fact be virtually free. Granite is a hard material, second only to diamond, and therefore very versatile. One of the more favorite materials, it is also one of the more expensive choices.

There are several ways to save on granite. Most involve more work on your part, however, the savings can make that effort worthwhile. First, you need to understand how most granite is sold. It is quarried in blocks from all over the world. Those blocks are then sliced and the slices are used to make countertops or other work surfaces.

When the countertops are measured, there are often pieces which are cut off, creating remnants. Since the piece of granite was already paid for, these extra pieces are exactly that, extra pieces. There are ways to put together these pieces of granite to form unique patterns to create a new worktop. Using the proper sealant will give you the finish you want. Occasionally, some warehouses give away these pieces, especially if they want to create room for new inventory. They may also have periodic sales or even everyday prices where remnant granite can be anywhere from 10 to 70 percent off.

If remnants are not a possibility, look for other places to save money. Shop and compare online. If companies can make sales through their websites instead of fancy showrooms, then those savings can be passed along to the clients. Also, consider checking back often as sales may change. If the website offers a newsletter, sign up for that as well. Some sales are only advertised to special customers through newsletters.

When shopping online, check out customer reviews from unbiased websites. See if people have downloaded pictures of the work. Customer testimonials are nice, but they tend to only give glowing reviews. Also make certain the seller has a good reputation and offers some kind of guarantee.

Get quotes on installation. Unless you are an expert handyman, you will not want to take on installing granite on your own. As hard as the substance is, it can fracture fairly easily during the installation process. Many sellers offer installation, so compare that price to a reliable contractor.

Being flexible is key to finding the cheapest granite worktops possible. You may not get your first choice of color and you may have to wait for a sale, but patience is your best chance to get that granite countertop at a reasonable price. Besides, granite lasts for years, so waiting a bit of time to get the best product is worthwhile.