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Caesarstone Worktops

The Rich and Inexpensive Style of Composite Worktops

If you are considering doing some kitchen remodeling and would like the great look of a marble or granite counter, but can’t afford the high price, you could consider choosing composite worktops. These are made of a composition that includes an interior section usually made of particle board, with a stone surface. The surface area can be quartz, granite or marble. This type of counter is less expensive than a solid granite style, but has all of the same beauty you would see in the expensive style.

These composite worktops can be custom cut to fit whatever work area you want. They are a great way to redesign your kitchen with the elegant look of marble or granite that you have always wanted. They can also be used as the surfaces for any island counters you might install. The outer surface that is made from natural stone can have glass fragments added to it, to create a sparkle effect to the piece. Although made of composite materials, the only difference between the composite and solid products is the inside filler material of the composite item.

You will find these counters available in a wide selection of colors including soft pastels of peach and blue. The softer colors make a nice counter to add in a bathroom area. Although these worktops are created to be durable when used, they are also very stylish in appearance. There are also styles that use the darker colors of green and black in a marbled design to create an elegant surface to any cabinet.

The composite style is also good to use on a bar as the surface counter. These surfaces can be installed over any existing type of cabinet unit and are easy to clean by using basic soap and water. If you always wanted the rich designer look of real marble in your bath or kitchen, now you can have it at a very reasonable price. The rich colors and high gloss shine of these counters will enhance any type of room décor they are placed in. They work equally well in a contemporary setting or in a classical one.