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Granite worktops – supplier UK

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Choosing a Granite Supplier in the UK

If you are thinking of adding marble features to your home or business, take the time to find a good supplier. After all, if you are going to make the monetary investment, then you also need to invest a little of your time to make sure everything goes according to your dream.

Many suppliers are artisans who offer a large variety of beautiful products from counter tops to staircases, to benches to entire walls and floors. These can be handcrafted to your specifications. Larger dealers can cut marble according to individual templates and install the product for you.

Other suppliers specialize in restoration work. They can fix or replace anything from fireplace tiles to entire building facings. Still others are wholesalers who deal only with professional installers.

When you have found a few suppliers on the internet that you like, contact them and ask questions – lots of them.

• Do you install in my area?
• How long have you been in business?
• Do you do custom work?
• Do you cut the stone here?
• What size of stone do you cut?
• Do you use sub contractors?

And most importantly

Do you have references I can speak to?

Take a look at their showroom. Go to several either in person or on-line. You might find a color or pattern that you like that is available at only one store. Alternatively, you might find similar stones that are offered at a lower price at one of the stores.

Online shopping has some advantages. It is certainly faster and less wearing. By actually visiting the stores, you can see the details of their workmanship, but be aware that a worker who left them long ago might have installed a particular top you admire. In addition, a personal visit might put you under the sway of a sales clerk whose pride in the company is not reflected by the workers who arrive at your house.

If you are planning a do-it-yourself project, your selection of granite supplier should be at least partially based on their willingness to provide a trained consultant. Many merchants offer this service free. Your consultant should take the time to ask questions of you to get an idea of what you want to do and what your needs are.

He will be able then to suggest the accessories and tools you need for the project. He can also give you tips on maintaining your worktop after it is installed and suggest products required for cleaning it. A good consultant is a good salesman but more than that, he should know his materials and your specifications.

Bear in mind that no merchant deals in marble alone. They are sellers and workers of stone and marble is but one of the products they offer. A good seller will also listen to your dreams for a beautiful project and your requirements. For example, he might offer a less expensive but equally beautiful worktop in a different material. On the other hand, he might, after hearing your requirement suggest that you try a more durable but more expensive stone.

Listen to his reasons and keep an open mind but in the end, especially if your heart is set on the soft neutrality of marble, he should cede to your wishes and offer the type that most closely conforms to what you want.

There are only eighty-nine marble granite worktop suppliers in the whole United Kingdom. Several are wholesalers and many of the others are out of your area. See your choices are getting simpler all the time. Armed with knowledge of what to look for in a supplier you should be able to make the decision that is right for you.

Happy hunting!

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