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How to buy cheap granite worktops

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How to Purchase Cheap Granite Worktops and Affordable Kitchen Worktops ?

Giving most consumers a choice of worktops, they would choose granite worktops for their home. Granite provides a beautiful shine that is natural and timeless. However, most consumers do not choose granite because it is regarded as an expensive stone and most people are under the impression that it is too expensive. Even though granite is a luxury item, today it is more affordable than it was in the past. In comparison to stainless steel and other worktop surfaces, granite is a bargain because steel can cost double the price of granite. It might take sometime and effort to find low cost granite worktops. However, taking the time to shop around will increase the chances that you will obtain affordable granite.

To find low cost granite worktops, first do an online search for cheap granite worktops. Most granite companies have a website that you can review their selection prior to purchasing. They will also list the price of slab. This makes it easier for you to compare from one company to the next. There are even some companies that will provide samples if you are interested in obtaining a few sent to your home.

Look for wholesalers using your local telephone directory. In some cases, consumers are saving over 50% by using a wholesaler versus a retailer. It is important to compare at least four or five wholesale companies to see which one will provide the best pricing. After you have compared the prices, do not be afraid to request a price match. Send a copy of your granite quotes to the wholesalers you are interested in using and see if they will match their competitor pricing. You will be surprised to find that some wholesalers would be happy to match their competitors pricing.

Consider having granite installed in multiple areas in the home; there are companies that will gladly give you a multi level discount rate, if you are buying granite for more than one location.

Profit from the downturn in the economy, there are many companies who because of the economy are not as financially stable like they were five years ago, and they have reduced their prices drastically to stay a float. Ask about a granite discount, there are companies that will grant a discount if you ask for one. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask if they have any type of discount program in place.

Traditionally granite companies had numerous layers before they could complete the processing of granite. The granite company would buy the granite from a stonemason, which the stonemason acquired from a wholesale, who purchased it from a factory processor, who imported the granite. With so many layers, the price of granite was astronomical. Since today, these intermediary roles are reduce or in some cases not used consumers are finding granite worktops are cheaper. These types of companies tend to offer more affordable granite because they cut out the intermediaries and suppliers and pass the savings unto their customers. Consider also companies who have their own overseas quarries and who cut and polish their granite in their factories.

Technology has also had an impact on the price of granite. Granite excavation no longer needs drilling, pounding, sawing and blasting. Today diamond wire saws are used to aid quarry workers in creating granite blocks at a faster rate. As a result, the increase in productivity reduces the labor cost and leads to lower prices.

Since, the market offers lower prices on granite today, why settle for the ordinary worktop. When you can have the timeless beauty of granite, do your shopping and choose affordable granite for your home.

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