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Black Granite Kitchen Worktops

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Black Granite Kitchen Worktops
Are you faced with the momentous decision of what kind of kitchen worktop to put into your new home? Perhaps you are remodeling your kitchen and trying to select the best counter top as a replacement. Kitchen worktops are one of the most used counter top surfaces in the home and one of the most noticeable features of any kitchen. If you want a kitchen worktop with the most advantages, then choose black granite. Black granite worktops are the ideal choice, because they possess several characteristics that are essential for building or remodeling the perfect kitchen.

Granite is composed of feldspar, mica, and more than twenty percent quartz. These minerals combine to form a coarse-grained rock. Granite is undeniably one of the most durable substances on the earth today. It is second to diamonds in hardness. Granite can endure extremes of temperature very well, due to its mica composition.

Black granite worktops are an exceptional choice in new or remodeled kitchens. Its appearance is elegant and discriminating, while exuding warmth and comfort. The black coloring in a black granite worktop is throughout, making it a truer, richer color that lasts for fifty, sixty, or more years. This inherent or natural beauty will compliment any decor. Every slab of granite is unique. The colors, textures and the intensity of color will be quite varied. Black granite will dignify any kitchen while enhancing a person’s individual style.

Black granite worktops are highly resistant to staining or discoloring, such as, when an extremely hot pot is placed upon its surface. This durable counter top does not need to be pampered. It can withstand the most rigorous hazards associated with cooking and baking. Its radiance and beauty will last year after year, as long as it is sealed during the installation process and every year thereafter.

This is vital, because granite is a natural stone with pores and spaces between the crystals. These pores and spaces must be filled with sealant all the way to the surface. When the job is done properly, no sealant will be detected on the surface. This sealing process protects the beautiful, black granite worktop from any liquids that might soak in and ruin it. Experts highly recommend not using acrylic sealants, because they will not permit the granite “to breath.”

The most popular choice of kitchen worktops is black granite. Black granite has become the most widely used material in residential kitchens, but also in commercial buildings. It is regarded by the top interior designers, as the most elegant and most functional worktop available today. It is remarkably versatile, because it can be so easily used in residential bathrooms and kitchens, along with luxurious bathrooms and kitchens in hotels and condominiums. At one time, black granite was only used by the very wealthy. In recent years, the cost of this incredible kitchen worktop material has come down in price. Many more home buyers and home remodelers are choosing black granite worktops for their kitchens. They have long since realized its great value in building home equity or resale value. Black granite kitchen counter tops can coordinate with any kitchen style and color. It surpasses the highest expectations of individual or family homeowners, who want to interject their personal style throughout the home. It harmonizes with the activities of busy families or entertainers. Black granite kitchen worktops provide years of enjoyment and pleasure.

It is true, the purchase price of black granite worktops is more than any other counter top material, but it will outlast and out perform all the other worktop materials, at least 6 or 7 times.

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