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How to Choose the Right Worktop for Your Bathroom

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Your bathroom worktop has to do more than just look good, it has to be able to withstand the regular day to day goings of a busy family bathroom. Your worktop also need to be able to withstand the high heat temperatures from hair straighteners and curlers as well as the numerous beauty and cleaning products you use. That’s why when you are choosing your worktop material you need to think about a number of factors such as durability and cost. We here at London Granite are here to help you to consider all of the factors before you decide.


As mentioned earlier your countertop needs to be able to bare the brunt of makeup, hot temeratures and water. It needs to be a surface that can be easily cleaned. Out of all the stone materials, granite is the most durable and is very easy to care for. As it is resistant to water, it is a perfect surface material for around your sink. Marble is also a material that is easy to care for, however it is slightly more more porrus so it may be more prone to staining. Quartz is a good choice as it is more resisitant to scratches and stains than the other materials.


As well as making sure it is functional, you also want to check the worktop fits in with your bathrooms current image as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Granite has natural beauty which can create a refined finish for your bathroom. Marble is always thought of as timeless. It gives the appearance of cleanliness and elegance and the natural veins that usually run through the surface gives it a unique quality. Quartz comes in many different colours, so with this material you have more scope to decide how different you want to be.


Thinking about your budget is always important when choosing materials for your home. You don’t want to pay more than you need to, however you need to ensure the product you’re paying for is of a high quality. Marble and granite are both competitively priced. They are slightly more expensive than other materials, but their beauty and durability mean they are a great investment. Quartz is slightly cheaper but just as durable.

We offer affordable, high quality worktops for your bathroom. So if you’re looking for marble, quartz or granite worktops, London Granite should be your first port of call. Browse our wide selection of products or for more information call us on 0845 600 9994, or email us via our online form.

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