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Top Tips For Creating A Contemporary Bathroom

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Like other rooms in the house, bathrooms can be more than just functional spaces. A well designed bathroom can become that sanctuary where you can escape after a hard day at work to indulge in valuable moments of relaxation. If you bathroom looks like it could do with a makeover, why not consider giving it a contemporary touch? Below you will find some simple ideas that can help you achieve this transformation.

Fit Granite or Marble Surfaces

Fitting your bathroom with granite or marble serves two functions. The first is aesthetic, as these natural stones add an instant touch of elegance to any bathroom. Secondly, these stones are among the most durable, so they can be considered an investment. Granite and marble are found in different parts of Asia, Europe, and South America, and each variety has different patterns, shades, and colours. This means that you can choose among a wide range of granite and marble surfaces to suit the overall style of your home. If you need some inspiration, pay us a visit at London Granites to find out about our selection of floor and wall tiles, mosaics, and bath surrounds.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity and clean lines are the main characteristics of contemporary design. Keep the space uncluttered and go for contrasting colour combinations for your walls and bathroom furniture (such as black and white, turquoise and red, or lime and white).. To achieve the perfect contemporary look, go for simple colour schemes where light tones predominate and bolder colours are used in accessories or as simple accents. Maximise any space available with clever but simple storage solutions, such as large pull-out drawers under the basin. If your budget allows it, go for fitted or modular bathroom furniture to make the most of the space available.

Choose your shower

Not having space for a bathtub does not mean that you cannot have a modern, inviting, and fully-functional bathroom. Fitting a new shower can easily transform the look of your bathroom. For a contemporary look, go for glass screens and marble or granite shower trays. Also, remember that a powerful and high-quality shower head can make a world of a difference. The choices are plentiful, with some of the most popular ideas being overhead shower panels and rain shower heads.

If you need more contemporary bathroom ideas or help choosing materials, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone here at London Granite, and we will be happy to help you design the contemporary bathroom of your dreams.


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