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Top Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Your Granite Worktops

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Granite is an extremely popular material for countertops and worktops in kitchens. As it is an especially hard rock it is very difficult to scratch or crack. However, like any other material it is still prone to staining and marking. Follow these top tips to help clean and maintain your granite worktops:

•    Wipe Up Spills Immediately – Although granite is not as susceptible to marking and staining as other materials it can still stain. By cleaning and wiping up any accidental spillages or sticky residue quickly, you can prevent or reduce any permanent damage. If the marks are dried on, use a cloth dipped in warm, soapy water to wipe away the marks.

•    Make sure that you don’t use any acidic cleaning products on your worktops, and try to avoid leaving acidic foodstuffs on your worktops such as vinegar, lemon and fizzy drinks. Although granite is a durable material, acidic products can start to corrode and wear down its surface.

•    Although granite can’t be easily scratched, it is best not to use abrasive cleaning materials as this can reduce the shine, making them look worn. Try to use cloths that will not leave behind any fibres for a cleaner finish.

•    Once you have wiped down your worktops make sure to dry with a clean microfiber cloth. This is to remove streaks that can still mark the counter, even if it’s clean. The microfiber cloth will improve the shine on your worktop, giving you a perfect finish.

•    The best way to prevent future staining is to seal your worktops. You should seal your granite worktop every two years to maintain their appearance and replace the wear and tear of day to day activities.

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