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The Advantages of Marble Worktops in the Home

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When choosing your kitchen countertop you want to be sure you’re making the right choice, especially as it’s not something you will be looking to change again anytime soon. Marble is an excellent choice and although some people have their reservations, there are some great benefits to it.


As marble doesn’t conduct heat very well, it stays at a naturally cool temperature all the time. This is great for those of you who enjoy cooking as the ingredients can be easier to work with. Those who work with pastry a lot would benefit from this as it stops it from drying out.


Marble usually has a light, creamy colour that many people appreciate and look for in their kitchens. It can give the room an airy feel as the light colour gives an impression of lots of space. Marble looks very grand, is not an extremely common countertop choice for some, this can make your kitchen unique amongst friends and family. Each piece of marble looks distinctive due to the natural veins that cover it. The veining also acts as an advantage as it helps to cover some marks or spills.


Marble is generally cheaper than some other countertop materials, this in itself is a huge bonus for those looking to change or upgrade their kitchen countertops. Due to it being cheaper you can then spend (or save) that extra money on tidying up something else in the kitchen.

Now that you know some of the advantages to marble countertops you may be looking for a reputable supplier and installer of marble worktops. We here at London Granite provide quality marble countertops to suit you, no matter what your budget. Our experienced and qualified fitters can ensure a high quality finished product that looks amazing in your kitchen. Call us today on 0845 600 9994 for more information, or contact us via our online form.


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