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Tips to Creating the Contemporary Look in Your Kitchen

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If you aren’t currently blessed with the nicest of kitchens, maybe the decoration is slightly dated, space isn’t used most effectively or you have to put up with old appliances, perhaps it’s time to take the plunge, put a bit of money aside and bring your kitchen into the 21st Century? The contemporary look with its clean sharp lines is bang on trend at present, so if you are looking for a few ideas as to how you can create this in your home, read on;

High Tech Appliances

One of the most effective ways of creating the contemporary look can be achieved through the introduction of high tech appliances. Everything from cookers and fridge freezers right through to kettles and toasters have as much effort put into their design as they do their function by manufacturers today so can easily become features of a room.

Built in cookers, in-drawer dishwashers and chrome sinks and taps are just a few of the ways appliances can be used to help consolidate the overall design.

Granite Worktops

Alongside the appliances, the design of worktop you go for also plays a huge role in the end result in terms of appearance. A dark granite finish is a popular choice for those attempting to develop the contemporary feel within the room as it exudes elegance and luxury as well as being easy to clean and maintain so never drops it stunning level of appearance.

Combined with the right appliances and units that reflect its design, a granite worktop is almost a must have for the homeowner looking to modernise a kitchen space.

Stylish Units

A further feature of the modern day kitchen is a collection of stylish, innovatively designed units. If you have the space available, an island unit is great both practically and aesthetically as is it can contain a hob, sink, oven and fridge whilst also offering additional storage space and seating so can become a stand-alone mini-kitchen.

With regards to cupboards and drawers, handleless units are becoming increasingly popular and really reflect the modern design ideals of today. High gloss black and grey units enhance the contemporary feel whilst wide drawers and tall cupboards make access much easier at the same time as looking great in the space that is available.

By taking into consideration one or two, or all of these tips, we at London Granite believe you will be well on the way to updating your kitchen, creating the contemporary feel and ultimately developing a space that you will be proud to show off within your home!