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Granite Worktops vs granite worktops vs cheap granite worktops

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Create a great kitchen with discount granite worktops
With the so many changes in home innovations only one product has stayed true to nature for many years. That product is granite. Many home owners are not attempting to get closer to being green through what they do in changes through out their homes.
Yes, it is true that granite can be rather expensive, however, there are many places where you can find discount granite worktops for your kitchen. It does take time to find the right place and of course the right type of granite worktop that you are looking for, however, when you are making the changes to create a more green environment for your home, it is well worth the research to find the best.
Discount granite worktops come in a variety of styles and colors. There are gray tones, white tones, tans, blacks, greens even shades of blue. The worktops are quite durable and can withstand a lot of pressure and heat. This is great for many home owners who spend hours in the kitchen but would like to cut back on the number of items that they may need in their kitchens. For example the use of trivets on the counter tops. With the typical formica worktops, you need trivets to protect the finish. This is because the tops can not withstand the heat very well due to the type of chemicals that are used to make the tops. The heat will cause the material to bubble and crack or even at times end up with scorch marks from the bottom of a pan or any other hot item that may have been accidentally placed on the surface of a typical worktop. Through having a granite worktop, this is something you won’t have to worry about, granite stays naturally cool, thus making it easier for those who do a lot of cooking to be able to set items on the surface and not worry about damage.
Other great uses that many do not consider when having a granite worktop in their kitchens, if you tend to do a lot of baking, having a granite worktop is a plus for rolling out dough for breads and cookies on, the surface is easy to clean and typically only needs a wet sponge to clean the surface.
The use of fewer cleaners is quite important to those who are looking to be more environmentally friendly. Thus having a granite worktop will help with this. Most spills will need simple cleaning to remove. For example basic dish soap and water.
Do you have small children in your home? Do you tend to serve a lot of juice? Do your current counters have stains all over them from the different juices that have been served in your kitchen? With a granite worktop, this is not an issue, the granite worktops are easy to clean and won’t stain. Juice spills clean up quite easily, again only requiring dish soap and water making your worktop more environmentally friendly to your children as well. Through using less cleaners not only are we helping the earth but our children as well they are exposed to less of the harsh chemicals and are more likely to remain healthier.
There are many places to shop for discount granite worktops, however it does take research. If you are in the market, it is a great idea to make sure you check with local companies in your area first. See what they have to offer, what their prices are and if they will give you a free estimate in your home to see what it may cost to upgrade your current worktops to granite. If you don’t have anyone to come to your home, see about getting samples. You can actually get samples of the granite to bring to your home and see what color suits you best. Always check with several different companies to see what varieties they have to offer.
Unsure of what you are looking for? That’s okay there are many experts out there that will help you along the way. Speak to those who have been in the business for over 20 years, they typically know the granite very well and will be able to let you know which type of granite will work best for your home.
Haggling about installation prices and other steps that usually occur depending on how business is going for some companies they may want your business bad enough to give you deep discounts so, shop around and compare prices, then go with the company is best to get discount granite worktops.
Cheap Granite Worktops
Is there even such a thing as “cheap granite worktops?” You have to be careful when using this type of terminology. Talking about cheap granite is a bit like talking about a cheap diamond. Sure you may find something at a lower price, but you are still going to pay a decent amount for the product. The same is true for granite. While there are types of granite that is less expensive, the fact remains that if you want to use granite on your home, you will need to shop around for some sale deals.
Modular Granite Worktops
Modular granite Worktops is somewhat in the middle of our granite price range. It is not terribly expensive, yet not the cheapest you can find either. There is plenty of upside to installing this type of granite somewhere in your home.
- It comes in pre-cut mini-slabs.
- It comes in kitchen-ready shapes and dimensions.
- The width is an even foot on average.
- It is much easier to transport than slab granite.
- Costs much less than slab granite.
- You can install it yourself.
- Edge pieces have bullnose built in.
- There are corner configurations available for the sink area.
- It comes pre-sealed, which means no granite sealer is necessary.
The best thing about modular granite is the “do it yourself” installation. If you take some time to figure it out, you can cost yourself very little – even nothing, for installation.
Tile Granite
This is arguably the cheapest type of granite, depending on whom you ask and where you buy. Tile granite will more often than not come in 12’ to 16’ squares. One of the major upsides – besides cost, is the fact that there will be no mail order or shipping costs involved. To get your hands on some tile granite simply go down to your local tile store. You will also find it at the big hardware outlets such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.
The installation process is also very easy when using tile granite. This type of granite can be installed using epoxies, rather than mortar. Since the tiles fit very tightly together, this usually eliminates any need to grout between them. Finally, just like modular granite, the cost of installing tile granite can be nothing.
Where Can I Find Cheap Granite Worktops?
You will need to do some research and shopping around to find the cheapest granite available. As stated at the beginning of this article, cheap granite may still run you a bit of money, but there are definitely deals to be had. The best way to find cheap granite is to employ some “homework” techniques. Often times you will find a company that is selling it at a bull rate. If you don’t need that much of it, then this is probably not the avenue for you to take, as you will end-up with way too much product. However if you are using a ton of it, this will be the best way to buy the granite.
Looking online is another great way to find granite at a cheaper rate. Use any search engine and look around your area. You can type in keywords like “granite,” “cheap granite,” “discounted granite,” and see what pops up. Usually one of your local tile/hardware stores will be running some sort of discounted sale on granite. You can always call the store and see if you can get an even lower rate should you hire them for installation purposes.
There are several types of granite available, most of them being very beautiful. If you make the choice to use granite for a project, then allow yourself some time to do some research on the subject. This will allow you to get the granite worktops for the best possible price.
Granite Worktop Supplier
In locating a trustworthy granite supplier for your dream kitchen or home up grade it is important to check references and find out about the supplier prior to meeting with him or her. Most granite suppliers offer a free in home consultation. A good granite supplier not only should be able to inform you about the beauty, sturdiness, and simple care involved in owning granite but also be knowledgeable about uses for granite. A good supplier should be able to offer you suggestions. They will know that the pits and hairlines in granite can show up more with some colors. It is a natural stone and a good supplier will understand the grain, pits, and hairlines involved in granite. These qualities are not necessarily negative when installed right these grains and pits are what makes granite a natural piece of art.
Your granite worktop supplier should ask you about the details such as what type of sink you will be installing. This will impact the cut and cost of the granite you choose. It is important to choose your sink before your granite work begins so that the fabricator will have a template to use as a guide when cutting your granite slab.
The chooses offered to you buy your granite supplier go beyond color and style of granite. Your supplier should ask you how thick you want your granite. Yes, granite comes in various thickness, depending on your needs. Typically, it is offered in 3/4 and one inch thickness. Keep in mind that granite counter tops used in the kitchen need to be thicker to be sturdy enough to support items placed upon the kitchen counter. Make sure your granite supplier knows your preference. Also, your supplier should ask you about what type of edge you prefer. A good granite supplier will offer a custom edge that can be cut by the fabricator. If you do not want a fancy custom edge, a simple bevel edge is always beautiful.
Your supplier should inform you that seams in granite are visible. If you prefer to have your granite seamless, this is something that must be made known to the fabricator. It is also to place the seam near the sink, so that it does not stand out or get noticed as much. Although there is a risk of damaging the grout due to water exposure, if the seam is placed near the sink. Your granite worktop supplier should be knowledgeable about your choices regarding seams and placement.
Your supplier should also be able to tell you where you granite will be from. Granite is mined in different parts of the world. If your supplier does not know where your granite is from be leery. A good supplier will know this information. Also, ask the supplier the pros and cons of the different types of granite.
If you are unsure of a granite worktop supplier, stop by their shop. If their shop is untidy and not well cared for beware. You want a supplier who puts pride in their work and usually this can be seen when viewing their shop.
Ask your worktop supplier if they seal the granite. A knowledgeable supplier will know that you cannot seal absolute black granite or star galaxy granite. This is a good question to ask, if you suspect that your supplier is not knowledgeable in their area of expertise.
Once you are comfortable that you have a good granite worktop supplier, relax, take his or her advice, and ask for a sample of the granite you have decided upon. You are one step closer to your dream kitchen or home upgrade.