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We undertake whole bathroom and kitchen or living areas tiling projects.
Custom Mosaics
Custom mosaics are available as custom order. The subject matter and colours are always up to our clients. Starting with the client’s vision, we will start the designing process. There is nothing too extraordinaire or colourful for our artist to interpret. After a preliminary briefing with the client to establish the context for the project, possible design references and the budget, we are ready for drawings. Once approved, the project goes into production. All of our custom mosaics are hand made and almost any colouring is possible. When complete, we shall schedule an installation.

The Advantages of Natural Stone Tiles

Using natural stone tile is the latest trend in interior decorating these days. Whether it is new construction or a home remodel it seems natural stone tile is everywhere. There are good reasons for this. Natural stone tiles are not just chosen for their beauty, but also for their durability, low cost and luxury.

You can purchase many types of premium natural stone that are quite affordable for most budgets. Many times it is not the quality of the natural stone that makes it inexpensive but because it is more readily available. Prices for natural stone tile vary greatly.

For anyone who is new to the world of natural stone tile, there are several types of natural stones to choose from. Here is a short list of some of the more popular natural stones and their traits:

Marble- Known as one of the most beautiful and most luxurious of natural stones, its beautifully veined appearance is sought after by many. It is one of the most expensive natural stones available.

Granite- Used in flooring, counters and backsplashes, this natural stone cannot be beat for its colour, texture or price. More durable than marble, granite would be a solid investment for any home.

Travertine- Muted and subtle in colour, it is a favourite in home décor. Being a member of the limestone family, it is very strong but can stain a bit more easily than marble or granite.

Sandstone- Very versatile, it has the ability to blend into any type of decorating style. This stone is very durable and lasting. Sealants must be used to insure longevity.

Slate- Very beautiful, slate is a stone with many uses, including roofing houses! Although it is naturally moisture resistant, some types of this natural stone might require a sealant.

As most people know, natural stone tiles are not cheap. Sometimes you can find discount stores that may carry small amounts of mis-matched lots and those would be very suitable for small areas requiring tiles. On the other end of the spectrum, if you want a spectacular type of tile, you may be able to locate a stone supplier that offers a bespoke service which allows you to have your chosen stone cut to your specifications.

There are so many styles and types of natural stone to choose from, it pays to do a bit of research before you start shopping for your actual stone. By learning about the different qualities that is inherent for each, assessing your needs and setting a budget, you will be ready to make educated choices when picking out your new natural stone tiles.

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