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How Marble and Granite Can Be Used in the Bathroom

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If we think of marble and granite in the home, the kitchen springs to mind.  The London Granite website includes images of glittering marble and granite worktops that would improve the look of any kitchen.  Marble and granite, however, do not have to be limited to the kitchen area and can be used to enhance the features of other parts of the home – especially bathrooms.


Granite or marble tiles are an elegant addition to a bathroom.  As a hard stone with dense graining, granite is hard-wearing.  Granite can be polished to a high degree, meaning that bathroom tiles made of granite will look great.  A key advantage of marble tiles is that for a relatively modest sum of money, it’s possible to increase the value of a home by many thousands more because marble looks so sophisticated.  Another benefit of marble is that it is so easy to clean.

Bath Surrounds

Another place where granite and marble will enhance bathroom features is in bath surrounds.

Granite is available in a wide number of colours, so the options are plentiful.  No two marble tiles are exactly the same because the coloured veins that run through them vary slightly from tile to tile, therefore marble tiling, whether in a bathroom or elsewhere in a house, gives the room a sense of character.  For those who are interested in the environment, marble is a natural material and therefore green householders will know that they are not using a synthetic product to enhance the features of their home.

Granite and marble do not, of course, have to be limited to the bathroom or kitchen, and they will improve the look of floors and walls throughout the home.  For anyone who is looking to improve the features of their home in 2013, we would recommend using granite or marble.  Here at London Granite we provide granite and marble products of high quality, with an equally high level of customer care.


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