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Cheaper Granite

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Cheap Granite

Is there even such a thing as “cheap granite?” You have to be careful when using this type of terminology. Talking about cheap granite is a bit like talking about a cheap diamond. Sure you may find something at a lower price, but you are still going to pay a decent amount for the product. The same is true for granite. While there are types of granite that is less expensive, the fact remains that if you want to use granite on your home, you will need to shop around for some sale deals.

Modular Granite

Modular granite is somewhat in the middle of our granite price range. It is not terribly expensive, yet not the cheapest you can find either. There is plenty of upside to installing this type of granite somewhere in your home.

- It comes in pre-cut mini-slabs.
- It comes in kitchen-ready shapes and dimensions.
- The width is an even foot on average.
- It is much easier to transport than slab granite.
- Costs much less than slab granite.
- You can install it yourself.
- Edge pieces have bullnose built in.
- There are corner configurations available for the sink area.
- It comes pre-sealed, which means no granite sealer is necessary.

The best thing about modular granite is the “do it yourself” installation. If you take some time to figure it out, you can cost yourself very little – even nothing, for installation.

This is arguably the cheapest type of granite, depending on whom you ask and where you buy. Tile granite will more often than not come in 12’ to 16’ squares. One of the major upsides – besides cost, is the fact that there will be no mail order or shipping costs involved. To get your hands on some tile granite simply go down to your local tile store. You will also find it at the big hardware outlets such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.
The installation process is also very easy when using tile granite. This type of granite can be installed using epoxies, rather than mortar. Since the tiles fit very tightly together, this usually eliminates any need to grout between them. Finally, just like modular granite, the cost of installing tile granite can be nothing.

Where Can I Find Cheap Granite?

You will need to do some research and shopping around to find the cheapest granite available. As stated at the beginning of this article, cheap granite may still run you a bit of money, but there are definitely deals to be had. The best way to find cheap granite is to employ some “homework” techniques. Often times you will find a company that is selling it at a bull rate. If you don’t need that much of it, then this is probably not the avenue for you to take, as you will end-up with way too much product. However if you are using a ton of it, this will be the best way to buy the granite.

Looking online is another great way to find granite at a cheaper rate. Use any search engine and look around your area. You can type in keywords like “granite,” “cheap granite,” “discounted granite,” and see what pops up. Usually one of your local tile/hardware stores will be running some sort of discounted sale on granite. You can always call the store and see if you can get an even lower rate should you hire them for installation purposes.

There are several types of granite available, most of them being very beautiful. If you make the choice to use granite for a project, then allow yourself some time to do some research on the subject. This will allow you to get the granite for the best possible price.

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