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How to Care For your Granite Worktop

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Granite was once seen as something that could only be in the homes of the rich and famous, however it’s a highly affordable material that is preferred by many homeowners in the kitchen. This is because it exudes true style and sophistication and is durable and long lasting; you needn’t worry about having to replace your kitchen worktop once you’ve invested in granite. However, to ensure it always looks its best you need to take proper care of it and we here at London Granite have devised these handy guidelines to assist you with this.


Firstly if you spill anything on your granite worktop always wipe it away instantly; never leave anything to soak into this material. The most risky liquids include alkaline and acidic things such as vinegar or lemon juice, oil based substances like butter; or maybe cooking oil that has splattered from the cooker onto your worktop and alcohol,

Ever four months or so it’s advisable to re-seal your granite worktop, this will help to keep it durable and will reduce the natural absorbency of this material.


Whilst cleaning your granite worktop is the right thing to do, what you shouldn’t do is rub it with an abrasive material, so ditch the scrubbing pad and instead clean it with just warm soapy water and a soft sponge.

Treat your worktop as you would your loved one, with a little tender care! Always use a chopping board when you’re cutting anything on your worktop, heavy and blunt objects don’t go well with granite they can easily damage and crack your worktop, leaving it open to all sorts of further problems.

By following this handy guide you’ll have a true investment in your worktop as it’ll stay with you and your home for many years to come. Contact one of our team if you want to find out more on 0845 600 9994.


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