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Cheap Black Granite Worktops

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Black cheap granite worktops are not only quick and easy to clean, but the impression that they give will also turn the kitchen area in your home into something that is modern, beautiful and that actually works for you.

Keeping the granite worktop clean is easy as you just use mild dish soap and water to cleanse it. Polishing it with a smooth cloth also keeps your granite worktop looking brand new.
There are only a few rules to the black granite worktop, and that is keeping acidic foods such as lemons, vinegar and soda off the surface, and not using it as a cutting board, as a knife can make minuscule cuts into the surface, scratching it and effecting the ease of cleaning it.
Hot pans can be set on the surface of these worktops, but they can leave a mild discoloration that can be easily removed by gently buffing with fine steel wool.
Black granite is highly stain-resistant as well, so you never have to worry about spills on your worktop again.

Black granite worktops can be installed in an easy manner and are well worth every penny paid for them as the eye-appeal and lifetime of use you will get out of them will pay you back in more ways then one.
The granite is polished to a smooth finish, making a stylish and workable area that is easy to maintain and keep clean. They are polished smooth and then finished with a penetrating sealant that gives it a high-gloss shine that creates a beautiful, classy kitchen area that you will want to spend time in.

Most of the granite used is imported from India, China, Egypt, Spain, Italy or even Canada; and it comes in assorted colors of Black ranging from Absolute Black, the darkest color achievable, to Pearl Black, which has an opalescent shine to it that brings to mind pearls, which is where it’s name derives from. There is also Star Galaxy, which has a dark black background and is spread with copper and bronze.

As these worktops come from natural sources, there can be small faults in the worktop such as hairline cracks, blotches or cloud-looking features, but these add more than take away from the beauty of these worktops.

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