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Cheap Granite Worktops London UK

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Cheap Granite Worktops

The warmth and gorgeousness of granite is an ideal material for worktops in the kitchen for practical and aesthetic purposes. Besides its durability and toughness, granite is a very attractive rock which can bring color and warmth into the house. Although worktops made of granite are the talk of these days, an owner of a home might not wish to pay top notch cost for granite or she or he may be residing in a location where there are restrictions on resale values. Within these instances, cheap granite worktops work out to be a very good choice.

There is no doubt that granite is costly, yet it will be very inexpensive in the long term due to its durability. In addition, it needs only a tiny bit of maintenance. The huge bit of the price is not for the stone, but money that is spent to transport and quarry it, then polish, cut and to install it. A few owners of homes may put in a bit of labor in order to lower the prices, yet putting in worktops made of granite should be ideally left to some professionals. If there is a huge market that has an abundance of suppliers, an individual could obtain granite countertops at a discount which nearly everybody could simply afford letting more individuals possess their dream kitchen of granite.

The granite suppliers will usually possess 3 or 4 categories to choose from. The 1st tier or category covers the ideal worktops that are granite and other products that sell at prices that are the highest. The granite will be categorized depending upon many key factors; existing trends in fashion, the quantity of minerals in the stone, the slab’s thickness, the country from which it comes, and the color, veins or patterns as they say. The granite that comes from the categories that are lower have the same beauty and utility as the slabs that come from the tiers that are higher. The stone from categories that are lower may be harder than that from tiers that are higher so they would certainly be worth going in for these cheap worktops of granite.

The owner of the home who is on a strict budget has several options to still obtain the granite kitchen that is luxurious by obtaining the benefit of the cheap granite worktops. These days, you’ll discover that the makers will design the granite worktops within the origin’s country itself, therefore, lowering the prices related to shipping and wastage. Oftentimes these counter tops that are prefabricated are made from a stone of a lesser thickness, then laminated with some plywood for strength. They are additionally cut so they can fit regular L-shaped layouts and dimensions of most kitchens, therefore, decreasing the installation prices too. Since the work is performed in the origin’s country, it is probable that the costs of labor will be much less.

Now you could see that cheap granite worktops could be shown to be an investment that is prudent for all owners of homes. Good designing and planning could let homeowners love the advantages which granite brings without obtaining large expenses such as in older days. There is an abundance of worktops of granite to pick from if it is blue pearl granite or black granite you are searching for

Granite Kitchen Worktops for a Beautiful Kitchen

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Granite Kitchen Worktops for a Beautiful Kitchen

If you are remodeling your kitchen, you want to be sure you have the highest quality, most beautiful materials to make your new kitchen exactly what you want it to be. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern look or a more traditional, country-style ambience, granite kitchen worktops can provide a sturdy, long lasting surface for all your culinary adventures.

What is Granite?

Granite is a strong, durable, natural substance commonly used for kitchen counter tops and other interior decorating functions. An igneous rock, it is formed when magma, the molted rock that forms in volcanoes, solidifies. Because it contains quartz, it often has areas that sparkle, almost like diamonds or glass. Other elements or types of rock found within granite determine its overall color. For example, granite that contains a large amount of potassium tends to be white in color. Granite with larger quantities of feldspar will be varying shades of pink. Many other colors can also be found in different types of granite.

Granite often carries veins of different colors, producing a natural pattern that adds to its appeal. The patterns found in a single deposit of granite can vary greatly, with some granite deposits being more uniform than others. For this reason, it is important to find someone who is experienced in working with granite to be sure the colors and patterns work well for your decorating needs, and that abrupt changes in color or pattern does not disrupt the overall look of the worktop.

Advantages of Granite Worktops

Granite kitchen worktops offer several advantages over other materials, including:

*Granite is very hard, and so will stand up well to kitchen use
*Granite surfaces are very smooth, providing a reliable surface for activities like rolling out dough or kneading bread
*Once properly treated, granite is non-porous and easy to clean
*Granite is heat resistant
*Granite comes in a wide variety of colors, providing variety to match your kitchen decor

Granite’s beauty, durability and overall quality make it an excellent choice for kitchen worktops

Care of Granite Worktops

As a general rule, granite worktop surfaces require very little maintenance. Most typical kitchen messes can be easily wiped off the smooth surface. Granite’s heat resistant nature means that it will not burn, melt or char if hot pans are placed directly on the countertop, although this is not a recommended practice.

General care guidelines include:

*Clean up messes right away to avoid possible staining
*Do not cut food directly on the counter
*Use only cleaning supplies designed for granite care, or supplies recommended by your countertop installer

Most granite worktops require a special sealing treatment, because granite is naturally somewhat porous. In some cases, this sealant might need to be reapplied on a regular basis such as every six months or annually. To find out the best way to care for your granite worktops, be sure to ask the company who installs your countertops for detailed care instructions.

With all these advantages, including easy care and maintenance, granite kitchen worktops provide an excellent addition to your kitchen makeover. For beauty, durability and uniqueness, few substances can beat natural granite

Cheap Granite Worktops for You

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Cheap granite worksurfaces

Granite Hard Features for your Kitchen Work Top

Have you ever heard of the expression “granite hard”? Most people when building new homes or remodeling their old kitchen use granite worktops because it is hard and lasts long. What people want is a kitchen that looks neat, clean and tidy. Homemakers love to receive comments on their housekeeping skills especially in the matters of kitchen maintenance. Homeowners have started to realize the compliments gained with clean and blemish free worktops in their kitchen. Of all the places where diseases can spread in the kitchen, badly maintained worktops are at the forefront. The majority of work done in your kitchen requires a worktop. You cut and clean vegetables, fish and meat on worktops. You place hot pots and pans from the stove or oven on worktops. Even without a trivet, you can place these pots on granite worktops. Granite is a good option for using as the material for worktops because it will not melt, chip, crack, blister, burn or break. It is also very easy to care for and can withstand a lot of pressure. Unless you plan to use a sledgehammer on it, its pristine quality will last forever. This is because granite is the hardest stone on earth after diamond.

Granite is the solid state of liquid magma, which comes out of the earth in a real hot state and later cools off. The minerals that are contained in granite are quartz, mica, feldspar and plagioclase feldspar. These minerals make granite hard. The formation of granite requires high pressure and then slow cooling. Since the molten lava comes out of rocks, traces of rock are stuck to the liquid magma. Once it becomes cool this feature makes granite one of the hardest rocks ever found. This feature also makes each granite worktop unique from one another because so many elements are involved in the process of granite formation. The other minerals found within granite are garnet, pyrite and zircon.

The feldspar in the granite makes it impossible to scratch with a knife, but a windowpane can easily scratch it. The presence of quartz makes the granite very beautiful. Since the hardness in granite is due to the quartz in it, the piece of granite with less quartz will be softer than the piece of granite with a higher amount of quartz. Thus, there are different types of granites based on the quantity of quartz present.

So if you are planning to remodel your kitchen with a new worktop, choose granite. They make the most beautiful worktops and your guests would applaud you on your selection. They are priceless, timeless and durable. These are not the only reasons why people love granite. They remain one of the most practical options for a kitchen worktop. Granite is nearly scratch-resistant making it perfect for a kitchen worktop as this is the most highly trafficked area in the kitchen. It cleans easily and after many years go by it will retain its striking beauty. Granite worktops stand as one of the most hygienic options because they have absolutely no joints. What a relief for people who do not have much time to thoroughly clean their worktops after heavy use. Since bacteria and germs hide in joints, they make jointed worktops one of the most dangerous places on earth. However, with granite worktops you have no such worries. Since granite is stain resistant, you can easily maintain its sterilized look by quickly wiping it with disinfectant and use it for preparing food repeatedly. Besides using granite as a worktop, you can also use it around the sink, near the draining grooves in the sink and near the tap unit.

Ever wondered how granite worktops are manufactured?

Companies began manufacturing worktops made of granite with the intention of making something that maintained the same quality for many years. Its strength, beauty and durability incomparable with anything else make it useful in many fields. You will be very amazed by its elegance and versatility because it comes in many colors. These worktops cut from large blocks are actually stones extracted from the earth in their respective quarries. The price of granite depends on supply and demand. Generally, red and blue toned granite are more expensive because they are rarer to find.

How to maintain these worktops.

Granite worktops respond well to the use of common household detergents. Use peroxide and mild detergents, sprinkle Bio-OX Citrus Concentrate, baking soda, etc. You can clean with these products using warm water. For hard tough stains, apply a cleaning solution and leave it over night, then wet it and scrub it down with a soft scrubbing pad. Wipe off stains as they happen so they do not stick. You can apply a sealant once or twice a year depending on usage. This maintains the quality of the stone surface and works as a barrier to protect the natural properties of the stone. Do not use it more than twice a year because it can give a cloudy appearance to the stone. There is a special silicon impregnating system used for sealing so that you do not have to seal the granite often; it is widely available in the market

Granite Worktops, Durable, Beautiful and Functional.

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Granite Worktops: Durable, Beautiful And Functional

Quality Granite worktops can be very useful and they can make your home look good. Worktops can be used in many parts of your home not only your kitchen and your bathroom. The right worktop can add style and value to your home. You can try using inexpensive materials or have your cheap worktops resurfaced;But if you want real quality in look as well as function you must choose high quality granite worktops.

There are lots of reasons to choose granite worktops. They are easy to maintain, hard to scratch and are able to resist burns from pots and pans. Granite is also available in a wide range of colors and with numerous different natural designs. The stone tends to be able to gain a beautiful patina.

Granite is an igneous rock that is formed by the cooling and hardening of lava under the earth’s surface. The rock is made up of a number of minerals. The primary minerals found in granite include mica, feldspar, quartz and plagioclase feldspar The amount and type of minerals in the specific area of the world where granite is formed creates the differences in color, design and texture of the granite.

Granite is the hardest stone after diamond. It also has a very dense grain which makes it very hard to stain. The durability of granite is very well documented. It can last for centuries and can withstand chopping and other knife work associated with food preparation. Once the rock is treated with a protective coating to counteract it’s natural porousness, its smooth dense structure means there is no place for bacteria to hide. It can easily be wiped clean making it great for kitchens and bathrooms.

Granite has been used in palaces and all manner of upscale homes for centuries because of its texture and luster. Quality granite worktops have colors that are naturally graded in the rock with some areas of the stone having a slightly different color and design. This adds to the beauty of granite worktops and helps them to match with any decor. Quality granite worktops can be used in commercial or residential buildings. It can be made into tiles, flooring, splash-backs, bartops, fireplaces, gravestones, headstones, bathroom surfaces and water-features including fountains, ponds and pools

Quality granite worktops come in an astounding array of colors. The most common colors granite comes in are black, pearl, tan, brown, steel grey, gold, brown, green, white, mahogany, tortoiseshell, salt and pepper. It is also available in several different naturally occurring designs. Several countries specialize in specific colors of granite. Black is mined in Australia, India, South Africa and Sweden. Grey is mined in the state of Georgia in the U.S. Red granite is mined in Brazil and China. Blue granite is found in coastal Africa and Brazil. Green is found in Norway and India. Brazil and South America is the primary source of gold granite. White granite is found in Brazil, China and Italy

Taking care of your quality granite worktops is not difficult. All you need is mild soap and water. Dry the worktop with a soft cloth. Other maintenance supplies include waterproofing oils, cleaning fluid and wax. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials like metal pads and scouring detergents. Also avoid alkaline and chlorine based cleaners and do not use bleach. Citrus liquids, fizzy drinks, wine, vinegars, beetroot, curry saffron, red wine, black currant spills must be washed up immediately to prevent staining. Kitchens take a lot of abuse from grease and heat. If you use a topical sealant your quality granite worktops will remain fresh looking for many years.

Kitchen worktops from Granite and Quartz

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The Best Granite Worktops & Marble Worktops for You!

If you have been searching for the best and most inexpensive granite worktop areas, we definitely have the best for your dollar and budget here at London Granite. You will experience the highest quality of customer service, and will realize that we are really here to help you find what you are really looking for. Forget the hassle, and a huge budget, because you will not need either of them here. With a wide variety of products to choose from, you will never consider finding them elsewhere. This is your one stop shop for creating your new and improved granite countertops and worktops for your home or business.

Some of the most intriguing qualities that come with having a granite countertop is first and foremost, that it adds a higher value to your home or business. Also, since everyone has a different style of granite worktops they may want, it will show your sense of style and taste in home decor.

No matter what hues you have already incorporated in your living area, there are plenty of colour schemes for you to choose from when it comes to our granite worktops. If you are looking for a predominantly black worktop area, you can choose Absolute Black. For another style of black, you can choose Black Star Galaxy, which features speckles of white and grey within the black areas. Tan Brown is a darker hue of brown, with mixed in speckles of burgundy, grey and charcoal. This adds a beautiful touch to any teak or cherry wood you may have in your home. Baltic Brown is a base colour of medium brown, with touches of dark brown, charcoal, grey, and a hint of burgundy. Verde Uba tuba will give you a great forest green hue, with speckles of charcoal, grey, and a jade green colour. The Sapphire Brown granite worktop does not have any predominant colour in it. With this granite you will have shades and speckles of ivory, charcoal, forest green, medium brown, and grey. Tiger skin will give you a diversity of colours featuring a beige background, dark charcoal, medium grey, light grey, black, and some medium brown. With Santa Cecelia, you will have great granite worktops with a beautiful tan, golden brown, ivory, and a few speckles of charcoal. Pearl Grey, which is the lightest granite worktop offered, has an off white colour, and mixed with ivory, charcoal, and medium grey. Quite clearly, there are plenty of natural colour combinations from London Granite which will be able to go accordingly with just about any colour scheme in your home or office.

Keep in mind that when you are purchasing quality and luxury granite worktops, we are the people you need to go to. With unbelievably low prices, you will never break your budget, and will in all actuality be keeping more money in your pocket to go towards other home improvements, or a family night. Regardless of which luxurious granite colour scheme you decide to go with, you will walk wake up to your new counters knowing that you made the right decision. Be proud of your home improvements while happy with the prices when you consult with Granite Worktops Direct. We will help you through every step of the process and even give you a professional point of view if you need help with your decision. We pride in our satisfied customers, so make sure when you plan on investing in granite, you should always come to reliable granite supplier.