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Quartz Kitchen Worktops London

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People looking to change the look of their kitchen may consider adding a quartz worktop to give the kitchen a new feel. Although granite worktops have increased in popularity with many people, there are a growing number of people that are recognizing some of the problems that come with owning a granite kitchen worktop. Many people find that the granite is too expensive and is often times outside what they had originally budgeted for their new or remodeled kitchen. Another issue that many people have is that granite is a porous material. A granite worktop needs constant sealing to avoid developing any stains. It is also difficult for people remodeling their kitchen to match pieces of granite as many pieces are different shades of the same color.

People purchasing a quartz worktop do not have to deal with the problems of owning a granite worktop. Quartz worktops are made of natural quartz, but are mixed with a thick adhesive. For people who like to remodel constantly, this is great news. It is easy to match pieces of quartz worktop as there aren’t any slight variations amongst the same color. The patterns are also identical, as opposed to granite where there may be noticeable differences between existing and new pieces.

A quartz worktop is the easiest of any worktop to clean. There aren’t any special chemicals or creams that are required to keep the worktop clean. If a spill occurs it can be cleaned with a wet sponge and some additional water if necessary. However, there are a few products available to keep a quartz worktop looking shiny and new all the time.

What many people find when they install a quartz worktop in their kitchen is that there is not a lot of work required to maintain it. Granite requires regular resealing, but quartz are scratch and burn resistant. Anything spilled on a quartz worktop will not stain it, nor will a hot pan burn or scorch it in any way. Since it is nonporous, quartz does not have any place for bacteria to form, but many manufacturers include additional materials to protect against any bacteria forming.

When looking to add quartz worktops to a new or remodeled kitchen, there are four things to keep in mind:

1. The color and the finish. Since quartz is considered to be a man made material, it is offered in a variety of colors, ensuring that anyone will find a color that they like. The other thing to consider is the finish of the worktop. Generally finishes range from smooth and polished to a rough texture that replicates a stone feeling.

2. Pattern. Some companies choose to make their quartz worktops resemble a granite worktop, while others will incorporate some form of design. It is up to the homeowner to decide what kind of pattern would look best in their kitchen.

3. The price. Companies calculate the price of a quartz worktop by the linear foot. This can range anywhere from $110 to $250, but it is best to shop around to see who offers the best deal.

4. Other considerations. Some manufacturers created their quartz worktops to have an added layer of protection against bacteria. It is important to discuss with the manufacturer any other additional features of their products.

In the end, the final decision rests on the homeowner. There is a variety of colors and patterns to suit any kitchen decor, and satisfy anyone remodeling or building a new kitchen. Quartz kitchen worktops have many advantages compared to granite, and are becoming more and more popular with people looking for new worktops.

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