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Factors Determining Granite Worktops Prices

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Natural stone has been one of the most widely used construction material from time immemorial. Right from the time man started using stone for construction, he has used natural stone to build monuments, temples, religious places, implements, etc. Even today you find that architects, builders and several interior designers use natural stone in their construction designs. Even today stone is used for similar purposes to what it was used earlier. The earlier builders realized the value of stone and implemented it into several construction activities. However, there are different types of stones available in the market place. Every stone is graded according to its efficiency and the prices are also determined accordingly.

There are different types of worktops. These worktops are made up of granite, quartz, caesarstone, Silestone, limestone, etc. Let us understand these stones a little. Caesarstone comprises of 93% natural quartz and has a hardness of seven on the Mohs scale making it one of the toughest stones for making worktops. They are heat resistant, stain and scratch proof and are an ideal choice for a variety of surfaces. Quartz worktops have a greater resistance to heat than other solid worktops and are very durable since quartz is one of the toughest materials on this planet. Quartz worktops can be used for a variety of applications. The quartz worktops prices are quite reasonable and in fact less expensive when compared to other stones. Likewise, granite is a highly durable stone and can last as long as the house stands. Granite is non porous and is completely impervious to extreme temperatures. The granite worktops prices are affordable for the kind of efficiency they have.

Lastly, the worktops prices are determined by the choice of the stone we use. It also depends upon the company we buy from. It is always better to purchase the stones from a wholesaler or a distributor than from a showroom if you are intending to buy in large volumes.

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